Across the world, obesity has tripled between the years of 1975 and 2017 with about 1.9 billion adults being overweight.

Of these, over 650 million adults were obese. Staying healthy today requires a lot of commitment and time which, unfortunately, is something that most of us do not have much of.

Here, we'll bring you 7 ways to optimize the weight loss regime you follow so that you can stay healthy and happy!

7 Weight Loss Tips That Work If Diets Don’t Help Anymore

  • Spice up your food.

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Love spicy food? If yes, then we have some good news. Eating spicy food can temporarily boost your metabolism by up to 8%, thereby boosting the calorie-burning pace of your body. Also, it has been observed that eating spicy food encourages people to eat slowly, which is good for your metabolism.

  • Eat healthy snacks.

Eat more — but not at mealtimes. Yes, you read that correctly. In your weight-loss process, it is likely that you have stretched the time between your meals. While this might sound logical, it is likely that waiting until you’re extremely hungry will make you eat more before you feel satisfied. Also, you are likely to eat quickly which is something that’s definitely not recommended.

Keep healthy snacks like sunflower seeds, almonds, sliced apples, whole wheat crackers, and low-fat cheese on hand and eat them every few hours.

  • Sleep more.

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Getting proper rest is very important for your body to function well. A study found that people on a diet consumed 6% fewer calories when they got enough sleep.

  • Drink a lot of tea.

8 glasses of water a day is a fad. You should still be drinking water, but just drink when you are thirsty. For other occasions, tea is the better option. Tea (particularly green tea) contains many antioxidants and can help lose weight. As an additional benefit, green tea helps protect against cancer too.

  • Tell the difference between a real plateau and an imaginary one.

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During the first days of the diet, extra fluids leave our bodies which makes the number on the scale drop quickly. But in order to lose just 1 lb, you need to have a 3,500-calorie deficit. It doesn’t matter how you achieve it, but the progress won’t be fast.

Many people think that losing weight slowly is a plateau, so they lose interest and drop the diet. Be patient and don’t step on the scale more than once a week: this way, the progress will seem bigger.

  • Eat tasty food.

The ability to resist the urge to eat depends on the right function of the brain. However, if a person hasn’t eaten anything tasty for a long time, their brain starts to tell them that a piece of chocolate or a biscuit will give them much more joy than these foods really can.

This is why nutrition experts recommend including small portions of “prohibited” foods. If you let yourself relax from time to time, you have a smaller chance of losing control at some point and interrupting the diet.

  • Eat more protein and vegetables.

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Low-carbohydrate diets are believed to be the best strategy for losing weight. Protein and fiber make us full and increase metabolism. Carbohydrates make the insulin level rise making us hungry. So if you are trying to lose weight, it’s better to eat a piece of low-fat meat rather than sweet fruit.

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7 Proven Ways to Speed Up Weight Loss