Living a busy life, we don’t even get time to hit the gym, so we need to find some simple ways to maintain a perfect and healthy body.

All these changes in your food habits or diet can make you feel hard at the initial stage, but the results will definitely make you feel satisfied.

So, here are 10 simple ways to lose 10 pounds to maintain a toned and healthy body!

10 Simple Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

10 Simple Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

#1 Water, Water More Water.

Drink lots of water to maintain a healthy weight. Try to drink 2 cups of water before eating, it will help to curb your hunger and lower the chances of overeating. You can also drink flavorful fruit juices or lime water instead of water every time.

#2 Eat Dark Chocolate.

Yes, chocolates instead of having cookies or candies in your snack time to satisfy your sweet tooth, replace all of them with dark chocolates. Because these have lower calories when compared with candy bars and cookies and the cocoa powder in chocolates slow down the digestive process and make you eat less.

#3 Avoid Processed Foods.

All processed foods like French fries, burgers and potato chips contain a high amount of calories when compared to veggies. Often replace all these processed foods with healthy veggies and salads.

#4 Swap Soda For Tea.

Consuming green tea instead of coke or soda will save you from ~140 calories in a day. Green tea helps in burning calories due to its antioxidant properties. It also helps in healthy digestion process and people who drink green tea on a regular basis often results in maintaining a healthy weight.

#5 Swap Flavored For Plain.

Yes, your favorite blueberry crumbled yogurt tastes great, but you’re fooling around if you think it’s healthy food. Because it contains more than 130 calories and 15 grams of sugar which means more than 50% of the daily recommended intake of sugar.

So, to lose weight you must replace it with Greek yogurt topped with a handful of berries. Make this simple change every day and you'lllose about 3 pounds in a year.

#6 Mind Your Meals.

According to research, people who stand while eating take over 30 percent more during their next meals when compared with people who sit and eat. It is probably not considered as a real meal.

If you currently consume more than 450 calories dinner, you could easily bring it down to 350 just by making time to sit down in lunch. Make sure to have your lunch or dinner by sitting so that you are conscious about what you are eating.

#7 Prepare Your Snacks.

The snacks you prefer eating in your break time might not be healthy always. So it’s better to choose healthy snacks that keep you on the right track in losing weight. 

Prepare your snacks such as nuts, fruits, and other high protein snacks and keep them in your car and some of them in your bag to save you from 200 calories in a day.

#8 Go For Stairs.

If you need to take an elevator to reach your office or home, don’t choose the easiest way. Come out and take stairs to reach your office or home, by spending 5-10 minutes a day going up and downstairs you will result in burning about 80 calories.

Regulating this habit, you will probably burn more than 400 calories in a week which means six pounds a year. Taking stairs will not only help you to lose weight, but it also helps in maintaining a healthy heart and overall health.

#9 Sweat Through Commercials.

If you watch TV everyday then it’s time to make it useful to lose weight too. Watching TV for an hour, you’ll see about 14 minutes and 15 seconds of commercials according to global information and measurement.

So, instead of changing channels or worse, just stand up and do some jumping jacks or pushups because 14 minutes of workout while watching TV will help you to burn 70 calories which means 7 pounds in a year.

#10 Keep A Goal Of One Mile.

Keeping a goal not only inspires you, but it also motivates you to lose your weight easily. If you live away from the city or center of the town which take only a few minutes by car, utilize that time to walk alone in nature. Adding 40 minutes of walk in your daily routine will help you to lose 3 pounds a year.

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10 Simple Ways To Lose 10 Pounds